Last Quarterfinals Bracket

This format is probably going to get less popular because the season ends tonight, but please stick around so you can vote in the semifinals and finals of this. I spent a decent amount of time writing these articles, so make sure you vote for your favorite obstacle by this Saturday (The 7th) Congratulations to Wingnuts with more than 20 votes has the most people who have supported one obstacle in the entire tournament. Also congrats to the barrel roll for making it into second place and will be moving on to the semifinals. Before we get into our final obstacles, let's honor the fallen:

Slippery Summit- As a wise man once said, "RIP that one 10-year-old that made the Slippery Summit." This forgotten obstacle from the Miami city course only got one vote (and it was probably a pity vote)

Weight For It- This rather dull obstacle quickly became forgotten even though it was in the same season we are currently watching... two people still voted for it though.

Iron Maiden- Brett Sim's "Masterpiece" where he actually designs good obstacles for the show, but Kevin Carbone still known to be the best creator. Some of Brett Sim's best obstacle designs (Like the sidewinder which I saw in the Obstacle Design Challenge submissions and I still want it to be on the show) haven't been on the show, but this is probably his most famous. For some reason, variants of this obstacle have a tendency to be paired with the floating monkey bars, so we don't get to see it to often, but if fought bravely.

I had to put 6 obstacles in this one because there was an odd amount of obstacles, so the top 2 will still move on. Side question, do ninjas keep track of these fanposts on the site, and do they ever visit it?

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