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These 4 Ninjas went out earlier than we expected in the season 12 Qualifiers

Sometimes even the most experienced Ninjas get knocked out in American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Every season of American Ninja Warrior, a new obstacle or the tiniest of errors chew up and spit out even the most experienced Ninjas.

Each of the four nights of Qualifiers saw some seriously amazing Ninjas go home earlier than they should have. Here is the one Ninja from each night that you might be the most surprised by.

Qualifiers Night One

Dave Cavanagh

Dave impressed everyone after making it all the way to Stage Two last season. This year, he went out on Rib Run, a new balance obstacle.

Rib Run was the 4th obstacle and Sandy Zimmerman was the first person to get through it that night!

Qualifiers Night Two

Nick Hanson

Nick made it to Stage One three years in a row (seasons 9, 10, 11), but got knocked out in the Qualifiers this year. Not because he didn’t complete the course, because he did — but his time wasn’t fast enough to make the cut in the top 12 and he was eliminated. He did become the first Ninja to get to the top of the Mega Wall, though, so at least he won’t go home empty-handed.

Watch Nick’s whole run:

Qualifiers Night Three

Michelle Warnky Buurma

In seasons 10 and 11, Michelle made it through City Finals and to National Finals. This year, she fell attempting to dismount from the Lunatic Ledges, the second obstacle.

Watch Najee Richardson run that course below:

Qualifiers Night Four

Karsten Williams

Karsten “Big Kat” Williams made it to Stage Three last season and he was cruising through Qualifiers until a tiny mistake on Sideways ended his run this year. Sideways was a new obstacle this year, featuring rotating boards that the Ninjas traverse sideways, and was the last obstacle before the Warped Wall.

Watch Tiana Webberley finish the course and get her very first buzzer:

While it’s always a disappointment to see veterans go out early, it’s definitely motivation to work hard in the off-season and come back even stronger next year! Who’s exit were you shocked by this season?