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The Ninja behind the peacock is...

NBC put a peacock on the course. One reader did guess which Ninja was behind the run.

Last week, American Ninja Warrior released a promotional run for NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. It featured the station’s peacock mascot pulling off some stunts on the course.

We asked the readers if they could guess which talented athlete was behind the mask, bringing that peacock to life. We LOVED all your guesses.

So was it...

Joe Moravsky?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ethan Swanson? (Which was a great guess, BTW. Natural connection to birds there.)

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Lucas Reale?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Nope. None of the above. We did see one person make the correct guess. The peacock Ninja was...


Conor made his first appearance on American Ninja Warrior in season 11. He ran the Baltimore Qualifying course with his grand dad, Ducky, looking on. Conor completed the course with the second fastest time and actually went to the Power Tower with Dave Cavanagh.

In the Baltimore City Finals, Conor was one of many Ninjas who was stumped by the Angry Birds. But his time to the obstacle advanced him to the National Finals, where his season ended on Stage One.

It looks like Conor had initially planned to run the Washington D.C. course for season 12, until that tour was scrapped due to the pandemic. Since the St. Louis taping used a different format, Conor was on hand as what’s known as tester. That’s a skilled athlete who is available to try out the obstacles and demonstrate them for the competitors. So when the producers pulled out the bird suit, they knew just who to ask!

Hopefully, Conor will get a chance to run the course sans mask and bulky tail feathers next year!