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20 women have made it up the Warped Wall in Ninja Warrior’s 12 seasons

Here are all 20 women to defeat the Warped Wall to date with videos of the runs.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

To date, 20 women have defeated the Warped Wall on American Ninja Warrior and we’re here to celebrate all of them!

First, let’s get something out of the way. This post was inspired by the collage @NinjaWarrior_Fan created on Instagram. Look at it. Soak in all the power and glory of these Ninja Warriors.

We gazed at that image for quite some time, reliving the memory of watching those runs as we were reminded of each of them. Defeating the Warped Wall is a milestone in ANY Ninja’s career. If it happens in the Qualifiers, it means you’ve reached the buzzer. If it happens in the City Finals, it means you’re part of a small group of Ninjas who made it to the back half of the course.

In American Ninja Warrior’s 12 seasons, 20 women have climbed the Warped Wall. We’ve reached the point where there’s no reason for Matt Iseman or Akbar Gbajabiamila to call out the number as it’s achieved. While it’s not exactly common place just yet, some of the novelty of the accomplishment has worn off and that’s just how it should be. We’re getting used to seeing women smash that obstacle and move deeper into the competition.

Below, you’ll find a list of all 20 women who’ve reached the top of the Warped Wall to date. We also managed to find videos of all those runs where they reached their first Warped Walls!

We’re absolutely certain this list is going to grow in season 13 in beyond. Pretty soon, it will be too large to keep up with!