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Jake Murray’s run preview clarifies that the top eight will be shaken up

Night one’s leaderboard will go through some big changes.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Take your first look at the LAST episode of American Ninja Warrior, season 12!

Jake Murray is enjoying one heck of a season. He was the fastest competitor in his Qualifying segment and won the accompanying Power Tower. Jake then earned the fastest time in his Semi-Finals episode as well. In a season where it all comes down to speed, Jake seems well-positioned to be a final contender.

Night one of the Finals introduced us to the new Falling Shelves and Dragonback. Both offer their own unique challenges to the Ninjas. 16 of the 27 Finalists have run the course, giving us a temporary top eight.

You can preview Jake Murray’s run from the second night above. It clarifies that the top eight will be changing. As Jake makes his way through the course, Matt Iseman mentions that his run to Dragonback moves R.J. Roman out of the leaderboard. We previously had not seen R.J. on night one. That means the results are moving around quite a bit. We see Jake reach the ninth obstacle, but the clip cuts off.

We’ll need to wait to see if Jake completes the course and if he ends up on the leaderboard. The season finale of American Ninja Warrior airs on Wednesday, November 4 at 9pm EST/PST on NBC.