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Donovan Metoyer closed out his very classy season

His goal was to make an impression. Mission accomplished.

Donovan Metoyer wanted to make an impression this season on American Ninja Warrior.

After spending two seasons away, he was invited to take part in the very special season 12 and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste. Wearing a three-piece suit, he earned his first buzzer in the Qualifiers. Back for the Semi-Finals, Donovan created one of the most gif-able moments of the season when he landed the Warped Wall with a 360 degree twist.

Making it to the ninth obstacle advanced him to the Finals. Unfortunately, his season ended there with a slip off the fifth obstacle, the Spin Hopper. We’d definitely still count this season as a success for Donovan. He got that all important first buzzer and he accomplished his goal. Donovan absolutely made an impression on the viewers.