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Watch Dan Polizzi’s frustrating Finals run

His season ended on Diamond Dash, an unstable balance obstacle.

Ugh. That’s all we can say. UGH! We hated the way this season ended for Dan Polizzi.

The firefighter was off to a strong start when an old nemesis reared its head: The balance obstacle.

Season 12 was Dan’s eighth season on American Ninja Warrior. He’d completed the Qualifying course, and made it to the ninth obstacle, The Dungeon, in Semi-Finals. Those strong showings had accelerated him to Finals.

Both Dan and the other half of the Towers of Power, Brandon Mears, have struggled with balance obstacles in the past. In fact, Brandon had fallen on the Spinning Bridge in the Qualifiers of season 12.

Which is why when we saw Dan hesitate before Diamond Dash, we tried to telepathically send him some luck. He looked a bit trepidatious. Dan has so much strength and skill on the course. He couldn’t go out on such an annoyingly fickle obstacle.

But that’s what happened.

That’s the way things shape up on American Ninja Warrior. Dan is out for the season and we’re shaking our fists at balance obstacles everywhere. You can watch his full run above.