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Only three Ninjas beat the Mega Wall during season 12

16 Ninjas attempted the 18-foot Mega Wall. Three reached the buzzer.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior had the lowest number of Mega Wall attempts and completions compared to any other season that has included the 18-foot tall sixth obstacle. This season, we saw 16 Ninjas attempt the Mega Wall, with only three of them reaching the buzzer.

In season 10, 42 Ninjas attempted the Mega Wall, with six completions: Daniel Gil, Adam Rayl, Nick Hanson, Ryan Stratis, Chris Wilczewski, and Najee Richardson.

In season 11, 29 Ninjas attempted the Mega Wall across Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, and Seattle/Tacoma. Of those 29 attempts, nine Ninjas found success, with repeat Mega Wall buzzers from Ryan Stratis and Daniel Gil.

These stats are all relative and it’s difficult to make a direct comparison. Season 10 and 11 had different rules for attempting the Mega Wall. Season 12 only allowed about 150 Ninjas in total to run the course, down from the usual almost 600 Ninjas in the previous years. Taking all that into consideration, the Mega Wall is still a huge accomplishment.

Congratulations to Nick Hanson, David Campbell, and Joe Moravsky! They are season 12’s elite group of Mega Wall Ninjas! Read on for the break down of the attempts during each night of the Qualifiers.

Night one

  • Three attempts
  • Not completed by: Julius Ferguson, Mike Wright, Grant McCartney
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night two

  • Four attempts
  • Not completed by: Donovan Metoyer, Daniel Gil, Roo Yori
  • Completed by Nick Hanson
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night three

  • Four attempts
  • Not completed by: Dan Polizzi, Austin Gray, Najee Richardson
  • Completed by David Campbell
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night four

  • Five attempts
  • Not completed by: Kevin Bull, David Wright, Kid Owhadi, Lance Pekus
  • Completed by Joe Moravsky
Elizabeth Morris/NBC