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Moments from season 12 that will make you smile today

A few of our favorite moments from the most recent season!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior has wrapped up season 12. The holidays are right around the corner. It’s 2020. Things are just stressful right now for... just about everyone. With that in mind, we just wanted to bring a smile to your day.

Here are five moments from season 12 of American Ninja Warrior that never fail to bring some extra cheer to us!

1) Ashley McConville’s first buzzer

Ashley wasn’t a rookie on season 12, but viewers might have thought that. Her run in Atlanta during season 11 didn’t make the broadcast episode after she had an early fall on the course. Season 12 was the first time many of us saw Ashley’s face. After telling us that her goal for this year was “to be joyful,” the young Ninja hit her first buzzer. Her excitement was infectious as she jumped up and down after hitting the buzzer, proving once again how far you can get with a deep breath and a little faith in yourself.

2) Donovan Metoyer’s Warped Wall twist

Donovan had us all breaking into Akbar-esque hysterics when he smacked the Warped Wall upside the head with a 360 degree twist. Donovan had competed on the show for five seasons before the casting calls stopped coming in seasons 10 and 11. When he got one more chance in season 12, he put on his best suit, shined up his shoes, and set out to make a lasting impression. He wanted to make a statement, and that’s exactly what he did.

3) David Campbell getting his Mega Wall

It’s always a thrill to watch a competitor hit the buzzer on top of the 18-foot Mega Wall, earning $10,000. But some buzzers are just a TAD sweeter than others. David Campbell is known as the Godfather Ninja as he’s competed on every single season of the show and is credited with being one of the first to build obstacles here in the US. This cherry-on-top of his long list of accomplishments reiterated that the Godfather definitely still has it after all these years.

4) Jesse Labreck beating a 10-obstacle course... again

When Jesse Labreck hit the buzzer on the Cincinnati City Finals course in season 11, our jaws were on the floor. When she hit the Finals buzzer in season 12, we had goosebumps. This Ninja possesses a blast of sheer talent that’s endlessly astounding to watch. This particular buzzer meant that Jesse was in the top eight for the season with no women’s rule nudging the progress along. In a sport where you must constantly keep proving yourself, Jesse knew this was big, telling us: “It’s always better the second time because it feels like you really earned it. It wasn’t a fluke.”

5) Daniel Gil getting his trophy

The whole season culminated with a big old dose of redemption. Daniel Gil has long been considered a top Ninja. He just didn’t have a trophy to show for it. His five trips to the National Finals had produced three falls on Stage Two, and a fall on Stage Three. Once he finally broke down that invisible wall and made it to Stage Four in season 11, he timed out before he was able to complete the rope climb, making him the “runner up” for the year. Daniel Gil was done being second fiddle. In season 12, he tore through the Power Tower playoffs to take the title of champion, the cash, and the trophy for himself.

What moments from season 12 made you smile? Tell us in the comments below!