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Flip Rodriguez won’t define his future and we love his reason for it

We asked him what he would be doing if he wasn’t a Ninja. He didn’t want to answer the question for the most inspiring reason.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

This season, while we interviewed the competitors on the set of American Ninja Warrior, we tried to get the Ninjas to tell us about their interests off the course. Specifically, what career would they have if they were not Ninja Warriors? The answers we received were varied and sometimes surprising. When we asked veteran Ninja Flip Rodriguez that question, he didn’t really answer it. And we love his reason why.

Instead, Flip gave us an inspiring talk about refusing to define himself, leaving doors open for whatever might interest him in the future. Here’s that response:

“Oh, man. I’ve never been one to dream of being a Power Ranger or being a cop or being something... an astronaut. I’ve always been the kind of go-with-the-wind kind of guy. I never dreamed of being a stunt man, and I am a stunt man.”

“So I would just go with the wind. I think there’s so much to experience in life. Why tie it down to one thing? I’m a stunt man now, but who’s to say that I don’t become a professional motivational speaker for the next 10 years? And then I put that down after 10 years and I go become a different entrepreneur somewhere else.”

“There’s a lot to experience in life and to be stuck with one thing I think, it’s a burden on us and we get bored and we get kind of just stale. So I think if we keep it changing and motivating and powerful and happy, that’s the best way to go.”

Flip made it to the Finals on season 12 of American Ninja Warrior, but did not make the final top eight. You can follow him on Instagram for more of his inspiring content!