ODC Finals!

It's been a long journey, but we are finally here! Welcome to the finals where the top 4 obstacles selected will go head to head to crown the champion. Congratulations to Walk the Plank, Barrel Roll, Corkscrew, and The Wingnuts for making it this far and proving to be fan favorites. But as usual, let's honor the fallen

Double Dipper: Funny story, this used to be neck and neck with the corkscrew for the lead, and I left for a couple of hours and saw that the wingnuts were like 20 votes ahead of it... Well, it still had a good following, and got a pretty solid amount of votes.

Slam Dunk: Wow... After getting so many votes in the quarterfinals, you'd thing that they would at least have a decent amount of voters, but after 3 days, it got none. RIP

I am extending this time period to next Saturday because I want more people's votes, so make sure you get it in by then, I will do a review analysis after the polls close next Saturday. Choose wisely

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