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Watch R.J. Roman’s full Finals run

He JUST missed out on the top eight when he fell on the ninth obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior season 12 - R.J. Roman's Finals run

R.J. Roman was a speed demon all season. Watch his full Finals run here!

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

There’s fast, and then there’s R.J. Roman fast. Returning for his third season on American Ninja Warrior, he planned to leave a mark. Season 12’s format changes gave an advantage to the speedsters and R.J. knew it was his time to shine. The rocker ripped through the obstacles. R.J. earned the fastest time of the night in his Qualifying episode. He then won the Power Tower race against Sean Bryan and brought his teammates back for the Semi-Finals. In the Semi-Finals, he completed the course again and ranked fifth on the leaderboard.

The Finals brought a unique set of challenges. In order to make the top eight, the competitors needed to be flawless and fast. R.J. was pacing well on the course, but a fall on the ninth obstacle, Dragonback, put him in a precarious position. In the end, only rookie Amir Malik would qualify for the top eight without a buzzer. He reached the Dragonback just seconds ahead of R.J.’s time. R.J. held the ninth spot overall.

You can watch R.J.s full Finals run above.