Fast Forwarding Runs

Before I begin, I would like to preface this: the only reason Mathis Owhadi's run during episode 4 was Fast Forwarded was because Drew Drechsel was on the video call and we've already established that due to his status, he is not allowed to appear on the broadcast.

I hate to sound like a whiny kid, but why was Kevin Bull and Lance Pekus fast forwarded? Do they not have a compelling enough depressing story to tell to fill the two-hour timeslot? I know that since there are only 30 to 40 competitors running in a single episode, they gotta tell a few sob stories and apparently, anger the fandom with a long story accompanied by a shorter than expected run on the course, but these are some of the best ninjas out there. You don't just brush it off because they don't have an emotional enough reason as to why they decided to compete this year.

They've done this before, like in Season 11's Atlanta Qualifiers, they fast-forwarded two people who completed the Mega Wall just so that they could spent 10 long and monotonous minutes about a stupid sponsorship of The Secret Life of Pets 2, with the Doggy Warped Wall.

Another Season 11 thing, they literally skipped Joe Moravsky's Stage 1 run. His previous season was a disappointing one where he had an earlier than expected exit on the third obstacle, and they just gloss over it. However, they did include the clip of Joe flawlessly completing the obstacle, so good for him. He got his revenge.

And in the past two seasons, Adam Rayl hasn't been treated too well. While in both Seasons 10 and 11, his qualifying runs were showed in full, both his city finals runs weren't shown. At that time, Rayl was considered one of the best ninjas out there and they just skip over him. On Season 10 Stage 1, his run was fast forwarded, which is ridiculous. Also, Sean Bryan's run that night was skipped. NBC, he was one of three people to clear Stage 2 last year, and he did it on his first time ever on Stage 2 yet you decided to do that.

I could go on and on about ridiculous fast forwarded runs, but I just wanna reiterate that some of the best ninjas' runs being fast forwarded is ridiculous, even if their story isn't compelling enough for the ratings.

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