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Meet the only ‘Ninja group’ to have every member hit a buzzer

The fun-loving Ninjas kept it relaxed and supportive and they ALL hit buzzers!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Okay, we have to give a shoutout to one VERY energetic group of Ninjas. On night four of the American Ninja Warrior Qualifiers, David Wright led rookie Amir Malik and Alex Carson on the course. The fun-loving group were bound by their love of sweets. David is the “Cake Ninja” and celebrates almost everything with some cake. Amir happens to be a baker and Alex makes cheesecakes, so they were in good company.

Maybe sugar was the key to their success because together, they created an impressive milestone. They are the only Ninja group of the season to have all three members hit a buzzer!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Amir zipped through the course and took the fifth time overall for the night. He has his mom to thank for his Ninja Warrior career, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down heading into the upcoming Semi-Finals.

“My mom pushed me to be into this. I wasn’t really doing anything. I had stopped doing team sports. I was going into being a freshman in high school. She said I needed to do something. I wasn’t into team sports. She was like, ‘This gym opened up. Do you want to go try it?’ I’d seen the show a couple of times. I tried it. The first day I fell in love and kept on going back to the gym.

Grip strength, speed, and efficiency (are my strengths). I don’t have a lot of muscle. But I try to get through it as quickly as I can and save my energy. My goal is to hit a Finals buzzer.”

David Wright, the team captain, placed just behind Amir in the sixth spot on the leaderboard. He even gave the Mega Wall an attempt on his run. He’s proud of his team and ready to keep the streak going in the next round!

“My team? We’re pretty epic. You have me, of course. Then you have Amir Malik, also known as Sonic. He’s already crushed it. Then you have old man tuba, Alex Carson. He’s hitting buzzers too!

I can’t take any of the credit for them finishing. I just decided that, with the stadium empty, it would be best if I could make my voice fill it. So I just yelled. People could hear me all the way in the waiting room. I was loud. It was their own skills that got them through. I am pretty proud.

My strategy for Semi-Finals is to not stop. My secret weapon is that my hands don’t really sweat as much as everyone else. My hands are pretty dry. I’m more worried about pumping out. I’ve always been a little bit more of an endurance guy.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

This was Alex Carson’s sixth season on the course and his first buzzer! Maybe this is the year all his experience comes together and he gets to play on a few courses.

“This is actually the first buzzer I’ve ever hit! It took me six seasons to do it. The feeling of hitting a buzzer is just unbelievable. There are no words to describe it. I’m still in shock that I got that far. I’m trying to use that motivation to carry into Semi-Finals. We’ll see what happens.

My strategy for Semi-Finals is one obstacle at a time. This is not my first rodeo with this. I know I can make it far. It’s just concentrating one obstacle at a time and see how it goes. My strength has always been upper body. So I feel like once I can get through balance, this is going to be my course.

As a Ninja, you have a lot of sacrifices that you make. You’re away from family. You’re away from friends. This year is just a blessing. You go from a season that we didn’t think was going to happen and now all of a sudden, we have something that we can be proud of.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Can this team keep the magic going? They’re all through to the Semi-Finals which start next week!