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Watch Tiana Webberley’s very sweet first buzzer

After six seasons, it was her time and we can’t think of a Ninja more deserving!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

There are just some buzzers that really get you excited. When a hardworking, dedicated, and inspiring Ninja finally gets their due glory on the course, it’s a joy to witness. We were beaming when Tiana Webberley hit her first buzzer on the most recent episode.

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with American Ninja Warrior Tiana Webberley knows exactly why she’s called “Sweet T.” She’s a genuine and kind person who cares deeply for those around her.

That was clearly on display during night four of the Qualifiers, when Tiana competed alongside her group, made up of Chinna Balachandran and Katie Lanza. Both have incredible stories of overcoming life’s obstacles and Tiana was eager to give them a platform to inspire others.

“They’re both incredible people,” She gushed. “They’ve both witnessed miracles in a way. They bring positivity and joy and a sense of overcoming. We’ve all been through stuff in the hospitals lately. Just a feeling of gratitude. We’re stoked to just dominate that course.”

Tiana made her team, and every one of her supporters, so proud when she finally got the buzzer she deserved. This was Tiana’s sixth year on the show. After coming so close year after year, she finally got to complete the course.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

When we spoke with Tiana before her run, the accomplishment was absolutely on her mind. “Definitely buzzers! It’s been the goal for about six years now. I’m stoked to hopefully hit one this year.”

The journey to season 12 was a long one for everyone. Tiana’s family faced not only the pandemic, but her mom’s medical concerns. “My motivation... My mom is definitely up there. All that she’s been through this year with her kidney transplant. I’m so grateful that she’s healthy. She’s still going through some rejection and we’ve obviously had to be extra cautious because she’s at risk with any type of infection. Not only Covid, she can’t even catch a cold. We’ve had to be extra cautious for her. Her and my dad are my number on fans. My rocks. I’m grateful to be blessed with such awesome parents.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

But true to form, Tiana is always looking on the bright side of the situation.

“It is so awesome,” She said when we asked her about taking part in season 12. “I can’t say grateful enough. We didn’t know if this was going to happen this year. It’s such a privilege to be here and it feels amazing. Truly honored and grateful to all the people that put this together. I know it was not easy for them, so I’m really grateful.”

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

With one buzzer down, Tiana is off to the Semi-Finals. She knows what she needs to do.

“Biggest challenge, I think, will be not rushing it. Smooth is fast, usually. No matter what order I am in the run, I don’t want to rush it. That’s when I can make silly mistakes. Just trying to make sure I keep that mental game right. Trust in my abilities but don’t be overly confident.”

Congratulations on the first buzzer, Tiana! We’ll be cheering for you in the Semi-Finals!