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Season 12 complete results: Night four of Qualifiers

Get to the buzzer and get there quickly.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior ended its season 12 Qualifiers with buzzers. LOTS of buzzers. That means the Ninjas had to get to the buzzer and get there quickly in order to advance. For all the other competitors, Off the Hook and the new obstacle, Sideways, proved to be the most dangerous obstacles. Five Ninjas opted to attempt the Mega Wall, with just one making it to $10,000.

Below, you’ll find a break down of how the competitors ended their runs.

Here, you can find a full recap of the episode.

Here, you’ll find the leaderboard and advancing Ninjas.

  • Course completions: 15
  • Falls on the Shrinking Steps: 2
  • Falls on Off the Hook: 7
  • Falls on Beehive: 5
  • Falls on Spinning Bridge: 3
  • Falls on Sideways: 7
  • Fails at the Warped Wall: 0
  • Mega Wall attempts: 5 (including successful attempt)
  • Mega Wall completions: 1

  • Faith Fitzgerald: Shrinking Steps
  • Jimmy Choi: Shrinking Steps
  • Katie Lanza: Off the Hook
  • Luke Mickelson: Off the Hook
  • Chinna Balachandran: Off the Hook
  • Kat Henschen: Off the Hook
  • Kaleaha Rayner: Off the Hook
  • Matthew Carmona: Off the Hook
  • Calli Spradlin: Off the Hook
  • Jennifer Stefano: Beehive
  • Michael Bougher: Beehive
  • Kemar Barcoo: Beehive
  • Abby Steffl: Beehive
  • William Schlagater: Beehive
  • Isaiah Barney: Spinning Bridge
  • Brandon White: Spinning Bridge
  • Matthew Freitas: Spinning Bridge
  • Kyle Shulze: Sideways
  • Gary Brown: Sideways
  • Karsten Williams: Sideways
  • Jeri D’Aurelio: Sideways
  • Jeshuah Lewis: Sideways
  • Sophia Oster: Sideways
  • Meagan Martin: Sideways
  • Vance Harris: Complete
  • Brian Kretsch: Complete
  • Tiana Webberley: Complete
  • Verdale Benson: Complete
  • Lucas Reale: Complete
  • Michael Torres: Complete
  • Amir Malik: Complete
  • Alex Carson: Complete
  • Mady Howard: Complete
  • Alex Nye: Complete
  • Kevin Bull: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • David Wright: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Kid Owhadi: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Lance Pekus: Complete - Mega Wall attempt
  • Joe Moravsky: Complete - Mega Wall