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Night four of Qualifiers: Leaderboard and advancing Ninjas

There was no room for error if a Ninja wanted to make this top 12.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior’s last round of Qualifiers was a doozy! So many Ninjas were able to reach the buzzer. There were 15 course completions in total. Making it even more exciting is that seven of those buzzers were first buzzers. Tiana Webberley and Mady Howard both got their first buzzers.

But, all those buzzers created a problem. This season has the rule that the top 12 advance. A buzzer is no guarantee. Both Tiana and Mady’s time to reach the buzzer did not place them in the top 12. They advanced into the Semi-Finals, along with Meagan Martin, thanks to the rule that the top three women advance. That means that one Ninja, Vance Harris, hit the buzzer, but didn’t make the cut.

Below you can take a look at who we’ll see back for the Semi-Finals!

There’s a full recap of the episode here.

Here you can read where all the competitors ended their runs.

Top 12

  1. Michael Torres - 1:08.75
  2. Joe Moravsky - 1:13.95 - Mega Wall
  3. Lucas Reale - 1:17.09
  4. Kid Owhadi - 1:23.17
  5. Amir Malik - 1:26.15
  6. David Wright - 1:30.67
  7. Lance Pekus - 1:45.62
  8. Kevin Bull - 1:57.17
  9. Alex Nye - 2:04.69
  10. Brian Kretsch - 2:18.44
  11. Alex Carson - 2:19.92
  12. Verdale Benson - 2:22.29

Women’s top three

  1. Mady Howard - 2:29.28
  2. Tiana Webberley - 2:41.03
  3. Meagan Martin - Sideways - 1:12.35

Advancing due to Power Tower - Joe Moravsky’s group

  • Jeshuah Lewis
  • Will Schlageter