ODC Quarter Finals Bracket Part 3

Wow, I'm a bit disappointed. I think this is partially because I don't really understand the raving about ring chaser, but come on. Crank it up is such a cool obstacle! Anyways, since slingshot and crank it up tied at the last minute, I decided that this is my tournament and my judgement on tie breakers, so crank it up is obviously the best choice. Before we see our new obstacles, let's honor our fallen:

Slingshot: I know a lot of people like you, but I think you're kind of dumb. It is not a good obstacle for it's position, and the slow movements of the obstacle became boring over time. I can somewhat understand why yall chose this, but this is personally not my thing

Clockwork: I thought there would be more people voting for this, but I guess not. It had a cool design and worked well in it's position. I'm sad to see it go so early.

Battering Ram: This obstacle is ok. It has a cool design and knocks out some competitors, but doesn't really stand out

The next voting starts now. I will move on the top two obstacles with the most votes. Make sure to get it in by Wednesday, November 4th.

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