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Can you guess which Ninja is behind the Peacock?

Take a look at the evidence and leave us your guess!

Just in time for Halloween... Guess the Ninja Warrior behind the costume!

Sometimes, American Ninja Warrior likes to have a special guest on the course. For example, maybe a T-Rex, or perhaps a Bigfoot. The latest costumed competitor to take the course was none other than the NBC peacock!

We think all of us here are old enough to understand that behind the costume, a skilled Ninja was pulling off those stunts.

So, can you guess which Ninja is in the peacock costume?

Let’s take a look at the evidence available...

There was this flying leap to the rope on the Shrinking Steps.

Study the grip technique on Spring Forward.

This Ninja can flawlessly handle a balance obstacle while wearing that bulky outfit.

And make it up the Warped Wall!

Which Ninja pulled this off?

Here are a couple of hints...

  • This wasn’t the Ninja’s first time wrangling an angry bird...
  • Their fleet feet have previously sent them to a Power Tower.
  • They flew off to the National Finals in season 11.

Leave your guesses in the comments below and we’ll reveal the Ninja Warrior behind the mask next week!