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Watch Sandy Zimmerman’s Finals run

The mom of three had a strong season that came to an end on a brand new obstacle.

Sandy Zimmerman’s strong season came to an end on the first night of the American Ninja Warrior Finals.

The mom of three rose to prominence in the sport after she became the first mom to scale the Warped Wall and hit a buzzer in the Seattle/Tacoma Qualifiers. Back for season 12, Sandy displayed her determination once again with valiant runs in the Qualifiers and Semi-Finals.

Sandy was one of four women who advanced to the show’s Finals. In her run, which you can watch above, Sandy came up against a new obstacle, the Falling Shelves. The tricky obstacle required the Ninjas to leap between Xs, grabbing small ledges as the Xs fall into place. Sandy was able to careful land the first two grabs. The third transfer was a blind, reverse grab. That’s what tripped Sandy up and ended her season.

Nothing keeps Sandy down. After tasting the Finals, she’s probably more motivated than ever to make a return to Ninja Warrior next season!