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Night one of Finals: Current leaderboard

This is the current top eight. It may change with next week’s results.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Night one of the American Ninja Warrior Finals is in the books and things are heating up. Only the top eight Ninjas will advance to the Power Tower play offs. On November 4, we’ll see the conclusion of the runs, and those head-to-head races for the $100,000 prize. Will Lucas Reale hold on to the top time? Will Jesse Labreck’s course completion get her to the Power Tower? Did Flip Rodriguez make it far enough to advance?

We’ll have to wait another week to find out, but here’s our top eight leaderboard as of night one!

You can find a full recap of the episode here, and you can find the full results from the episode here.

  1. Lucas Reale - 4:33.36
  2. Najee Richardson - 4:36.66
  3. Austin Gray - 4:40.29
  4. Jesse Labreck - 7:31.02
  5. Jamie Rahn - Dragonback - 3:02.97
  6. Cameron Baumgartner - Dragonback - 3:10.15
  7. Flip Rodriguez - Dragonback - 3:31.96
  8. Jody Avila - Slam Dunk - 2:44.23