A better format for ANW 13 (Assuming its still under covid restrictions)

200 Ninja's- Just to make it more rounded out for the rest of the show.

No Qualifiers- The Qualifiers are not needed in a mini season. It was the wrong way to go about it this year. The European style contest is just not a good format. Production should have worked on a single 4 stage finals course. This would of allow the new obstacles to still be on display without the convoluted format.

The format should be for season 13
4 stage 1 episodes. 50 ninjas compete in each episode. Also please drop the profiles on the first stage episodes so we can just see the contestants run the course and not needlessly fast forward contestants because of the nonsense no one wants to see. Its just the truth.
1 Stage 2 episode if 30 or less make it past stage 1 and 2 episodes if more than 30 make it to stage 2. Some profiles are okay in stage 2 just make sure they are kept short. In a 2 hour episode should not have 3 fast forwards a break when you have about 30 people running in an episode.
1 or 2 episodes for stage 3/4 if depending on how many make it. Again profiles are fine. Just not to long.

This way we have a fun 5-8 mini season that feels like a real ninja course not the lackluster EU format.

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