Obstacle Design Challenge Ranking

Since there is a bunch of controversy going on in the community with semifinals episode 2, I decided to lighten the mood and create a ranking of all of the obstacle design challenge obstacles and maybe turn it into a tournament. Here we go.

21- The Ninjago Roll: This obstacle is a bad ripoff of the rolling thunder and we didn't see it do much in Denver. The only people who attempted it were Lorin Ball and Ian Dory, and it was just a straining obstacle that is not memorable and never came back.

20-Weight for it: I don't know why but this obstacle was never fun for me, though the concept is interesting, it's just a slightly tweaked version of trapeze bars and is not that interesting.

19- Sky hooks: Though it was good for its time, this obstacle has become outdated and boring to watch, but I think it's a good job for a seven-year-old

18-Deja Vu: Even though this won the ODC, it didn't fit in. This obstacle had a bunch of technical issues with the bar getting stuck, and even though the design was cool, it looked disappointing.

17- The Nail Clipper: I never got this obstacle. I know it wears out competitors, but I feel like it is week and not that good. I don't know why they put it on stage three.

16- Ring Chaser: Though it's intense to watch, I think it's a week hybrid. the whole timed aspect is interesting, but the fact that it is just some monkey bars and a sky hook lache is not much to talk about.

15- Iron Summit: Again with the week hybrids. I think the iron maiden is a cool idea, but the amount of spinoffs they've had of this obstacle is a bit unsettling. I could wrap my head around northwest passage, but I feel like this is just a week hybrid of the two. It's good for stage 3, but it's not the best.

14-Coconut Climb: this is an ok obstacle, but it doesn't really match up to the other ones. The final transition is cool and it took out people like Matthew Day, it seemed like a ripoff of some obstacles like the rail runner and slippery summit.

13-Slippery Summit: Yay! Another Ripoff! This one is similar to coconut climb and is kind of forgotten about. In Miami, it was a decent obstacle, but it was very very similar to the rail runner in the previous season.

12- Battering Ram: I do think that this is a cool concept, but it doesn't really match up to the other ones. It also doesn't look that cool, but the function is interesting and was used later in season 11 for grip and tip.

11- Iron Maiden: This obstacle has a cool design made by Brett Sims, but it has been used too much. The concept of it is cool and is a perfect obstacle for it's position, but it can be a bit easy (which is why they buffed it by turning it into northwest passage) the only reason everyone failed in Kansas City on this obstacle is because the competitor pool wasn't that good, and the floating monkey bars are brutal. I think it's kind of funny that this was the concept was almost always paired up with the floating monkey bars, and nobody ever beat those courses.

10- Slingshot: Now we are getting into some of the better ones. This one is a cool obstacle tied to ANW's pact to always pick a Kevin Carbone obstacle every season (what's up with that?) It has taken out some big names like Sean Bryan which was really shocking, but I think this obstacle doesn't really fit in it's spot. This seems more of a precision obstacle that you would put in the #8 slot and I think that the obstacle has to be done perfectly which is not easy.

9- Fallout: This is a meh obstacle. The transitions are cool and it is decent for it's place, but there's nothing really to complain or rave about.

8- Slam Dunk: Just like Fallout, this is a meh obstacles. It's middle of the pact, but doesn't give me any complaints.

7-Wingnuts: Of course it's the most famous ODC obstacle that made Kevin Carbone popular, but is it really that good? It is a neat concept and wingnut alley was a perfect obstacle, but I feel like ANW as perfected it with the honeycomb which I think it better (it would be so cool if we could see honeycomb alley on stage 2.)

6-Double Dipper: This obstacle is perfect for it's spot, and I think it may stay there for a while. The other track obstacles before it were good, but never stayed long, but I think that this is the perfect obstacle to get competitors to overestimate their chances. Joe Moravsky, Flip Rodriguez, Jessie Graff have all failed this obstacle and it will probably provide many shockers to come.

5-Corkscrew: This is, yet again, an obstacle perfect for its position. The 8th obstacle is supposed to be about precision and tripping people up if they make a mistake, and this is perfect for it. When it was in the semifinals night 2, it let a good flow of competitors past it while still tripping up some big names like Kid Owhadi. My only concern is the serious strain on the wrists of the competitors.

4-Barrel Roll: This obstacle is seriously underrated. I love how the laches work, and the design of it looks well. I think it fits its purpose well as the lache obstacle, but I think it should probably be moved to the 2 obstacle position

3- Clock work: This is definitely the most appealing ODC obstacle in the show. The timing aspect is hard but not too hard and it works well in it's position. It can also trip people who are not careful up (Alyssa Beird.) This one took me by surprise and I think it is a great obstacle for a fan-made design

2-Crank it up: Of course I have to put this one here. I'd go as far as saying that this is my favorite fifth obstacle in the show. The straining and the shock absorbing aspect of this obstacle is amazing, and I love the design and idea of it. This obstacle is perfect for its position letting the perfect amount of people past it (I don't know why they put it in the fourth obstacle position at first, but I can't complain.)

1- Walk the Plank: I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but there is something so satisfying for this obstacle; It's difficult, and is the best obstacle hybrid I've ever seen. I like how competitors can't go slow in this obstacle because of the tilting platform, and it makes competitors make split decisions. This obstacle is also visually appealing enough to make me a crappy Lego replica of it.

Now onto the tournament. Since there are 21 obstacles, it makes our situation weird, so I decided to have the last round with 6 obstacles. I will be paying homage to the old trend by letting the wheel decide the brackets of the obstacle here is your first one. Let me know your ranking in the comments.

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