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Full list of American Ninja Warrior’s season 12 Finalists

27 Ninjas will take on the Finals course with eight advancing to the Power Tower.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Here we go! American Ninja Warrior season 12 started with about 150 competitors. Through the Qualifiers and Semi-Finals, the field has been whittled down to just 27 Ninjas. Those Ninjas will take on the Finals, starting on Wednesday, October 28 at 9pm EST/PST.

The Finals will consist of another 10-obstacle course. The top eight from that leaderboard will advance to the Power Tower where they will face one another in side-by-side races. When the dust settles, the Last Ninja Standing will receive $100,000.

There is no longer a women’s leaderboard from here on out. It’s top eight or nothing. Here are your 27 Finalists, in no particular order. Somewhere in this list sits our season 12 champion...

  • Jake Murray
  • Daniel Gil
  • Cameron Baumgartner
  • Tyler Gillett
  • Adam Rayl
  • Jackson Twait
  • Jody Avila
  • Donovan Metoyer
  • Jon Alexis Jr
  • Flip Rodriguez
  • Chris DiGangi
  • Jamie Rahn
  • Jesse Labreck
  • Sandy Zimmerman
  • Joe Moravsky
  • Lucas Reale
  • Austin Gray
  • R.J. Roman
  • Michael Torres
  • Najee Richardson
  • Amir Malik
  • David Wright
  • Dan Polizzi
  • Thomas Stillings
  • Jeshuah Lewis
  • Jessie Graff
  • Jeri D’Aurelio