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Devin Harrelson refuses to quit on the course

He was SO close to qualifying for the Finals!

Every time we see Devin Harrelson on the American Ninja Warrior course, his flashy outfights and light up shoes stand out. But what you should be noticing is this Ninja’s determination.

Season 12 is Devin’s sixth season on the show. He has yet to hit a buzzer. None of that deters him from his training or the joy he takes in his place in the community. In the Qualifiers, he fell on the Ferris Wheels, placing 11th overall and securing a spot in the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Finals, he cleared the fifth obstacle, allowing him to move into the back half. There, he was one of many victims of the Corkscrew. However, it turned out the obstacle was the cut off for advancing to the Finals. It would all come down to timing. Devin had to wait as all the Ninjas finished their runs. When Joe Moravsky cleared the course, Devin was bumped out of the top 12 and the season.

Do you think that bummed him out? Probably. But Devin knows how to look on the bright side and we’re not even slightly concerned that it dulled his Ninja Warrior spirit!