I am a woman, but this is JUST NOT RIGHT

Shoot ANW, you did it AGAIN. When will you ever learn?

I am a woman, and I am so incredibly proud of all the female competitors that come on the show. The ones who only complete one obstacle and the ones who successfully go all the way.

And I support the women getting their Top 5, or Top 3 or Top 2 option to ensure that there are female athletes in the city finals/semi finals/finals.


It happened again last night! Jessi Graff did it, she got to Corkscrew and secured her place in the Top 2. But she didn't hit a buzzer and complete the course. So why deny Devin Harrelson aka Dougie Fresh his first chance in a finals?!? I say, unless a woman hits the buzzer and completes the course, if they go far enough and fast enough to make the Top 5/3/2 women then let the next Male athlete go on to the next level! If there's supposed to truly be a Top 15/12 etc with a Top 5/3/2 of women, then stick to it!

Last time I checked, we all know basic math: a top 12 with a top 2 is 14 competitors!!! Again, I love Jessi and I am not trying to take anything away from her, but she made it through, she's a woman and she got in the Top 2. So then why put her in the Top 12 too and deny Dougie Fresh the chance to compete? Why only put through 13 ninjas, when your top 12 and top 2 is supposed to allow up to 14 ninjas to compete?

I'm sorry, but I feel for all these male ninjas that work so hard and put their blood, sweat and tears into this competition, only to miss because a woman gets into the top 12 (but doesn't finish). If you have 3 (or 4 or 5) women who complete the course, by all means, send them to the next level. If their times are amazing, even if they don't complete the course and again, you don't have other finishers to make a top 15/12 whatever, then okay, put them in the top 12.

But my point is, if they're going through already, then WHY deny a male ninja the chance to also move on and compete.

Sorry, but ever since they came up with this decision to give the women their own Top 5/3/2, I have felt so disappointed for several of the male ninjas who lost out only so the women could be listed twice in the leaderboard.

If this is women equality, I think it stinks.

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