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Season 12 complete results: Night two of Semi-Finals

Corkscrew claims the title of the Semi-Finals Ninja killer.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The big story of the American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals belongs to one head-spinning new obstacle; Corkscrew. On night one, it took out nine Ninjas. On the second night, eight Ninjas fell from the obstacle, including Jessie Graff and David Campbell.

Behind Corkscrew, Clockwork and Burn Rubber worked to put a dent in the field of competitors. Below, you can find a break down of the competition by where the Ninjas fell on the course.

Here, you can find a full recap of the night.

Here, you can take a look at the leaderboard.

  • Course completions: 6
  • Falls on the Shrinking Steps: 0
  • Falls on Spring Forward: 0
  • Falls on Clockwork: 4
  • Falls on Burn Rubber: 4
  • Falls on Slingshot: 5
  • Fails at the Warped Wall: 0
  • Falls on the Salmon Ladder: 0
  • Falls on Corkscrew: 8
  • Falls on The Dungeon: 2
  • Falls on Spider Trap: 1

  • Ben Melick: Clockwork
  • Taylor Johnson: Clockwork
  • Jessica Helmer: Clockwork
  • Tiana Webberley: Clockwork
  • Meagan Martin: Burn Rubber
  • Lance Pekus: Burn Rubber
  • Mady Howard: Burn Rubber
  • Lorin Ball: Burn Rubber
  • Alex Carson: Slingshot
  • Alex Nye: Slingshot
  • Jeri D’Aurelio: Slingshot
  • Tage Harrington: Slingshot
  • Sean Bryan: Slingshot
  • Will Schlageter: Corkscrew
  • Jeshuah Lewis: Corkscrew
  • Verdale Benson: Corkscrew
  • Devin Harrelson: Corkscrew
  • David Campbell: Corkscrew
  • Jessie Graff: Corkscrew
  • Thomas Stillings: Corkscrew
  • Brian Kretsch: Corkscrew
  • Dan Polizzi: The Dungeon
  • David Wright: The Dungeon
  • Amir Malik: Spider Trap
  • R.J. Roman: Complete
  • Joe Moravsky: Complete
  • Michael Torres: Complete
  • Najee Richardson: Complete
  • Austin Gray: Complete
  • Lucas Reale: Complete