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Grant McCartney, JJ Woods, and Ethan Swanson imagine life without Ninja

They answered an “alternate universe” question for us.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

While we were on set for the taping of American Ninja Warrior’s season 12, we checked in with as many competitors as we could. When time allowed, we veered away from focusing on the competition to ask them more hypothetical questions.

One of our favorites was asking the Ninjas what they would be doing if there was NO American Ninja Warrior (sport or show). We already shared with you what Jamie Rahn would be up to in this alternate universe. While we wait for Ninja Warrior to return on Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm, let’s see what three other Ninja stars would be doing with themselves!

Grant McCartney

“Oh he’s a professional skateboarder, for sure. I was before Ninja and I miss it still. I still skate. Me and Jake Murray still get together and skate.”

JJ Woods

“I would probably be in the boxing ring. My goal was always to be a professional boxer and when I stepped away from that, that’s when I found American Ninja Warrior.”

Ethan Swanson

“I’ve started playing piano a lot more in the last month or two. It’s been a blast. I never said I was any good. I really enjoy it. I like to think I’d be doing something that involves self growth and competition.”