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We think Matt Iseman may have just challenged “The Rock”

Matt and Akbar stopped by Kelly’s show for the Friday, October 2 episode.

To say Dwayne Johnson may have taken something from you is a bold statement to make. But that’s what our beloved Matt Iseman went for during a visit to the Kelly Clarkson Show.

In the clip above, Matt describes the history of his last name. (Things go from Tony Stark to garbage man REAL fast.) He also talks about using the name “Rock” early in his career.

Kelly invited both Matt and Akbar Gbajabiamila to chat with her. Akbar shared the history of his name as well, which is just slightly more intriguing than Matt’s (Sorry, Matt). Listen in as Akbar describes how his name descends from his great great grandfather in Nigeria, and the phrase, “Big man, come save me.”

But really, when you stop and think about the whole exchange... Did Matt just challenge Dwayne Johnson to a battle? And what type of battle, exactly?

Matt and Akbar were guests on the Kelly Clarkson Show for the Friday, October 2 episode. Check your local listings to find out when the show airs in your area and tune in!