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Watch rookie Amir Malik speed through the course in this preview clip

It cuts off before the Warped Wall, but we’re feeling pretty good about his chances.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After a week-long delay, American Ninja Warrior will return on Monday, October 5, with the last entry in the Qualifiers. To help hold us over, NBC just released a clip of a promising young rookie on the course.

Amir Malik hails from Vermont (Shout out to my home state!). He’s known by the nickname Sonic Ninja, and has David Wright (the Cake Ninja) and Alex Carson on his sideline. That’s pretty perfect because Matt mentions that Amir is a baker and Alex makes cheesecakes, so it’s a very sweet Ninja group.

Amir started watching American Ninja Warrior as a kid and now it’s his turn to claim the glory for himself. He looks like a pro out there on the course, which features obstacles like Off the Hook, Beehive, and Sideways. The Sonic Ninja speeds through the course to the Warped Wall. That’s where the clip ends, leaving us a bit of a cliffhanger, but we have no reason to think Amir can’t handle that wall!

Catch the full episode this Monday, October 5, at 9pm EST/PST on NBC!