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Preview Amir Malik’s Semi-Finals run

This rookie is making a name for himself this season.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior leans pretty heavily into the well-known, fan-favorite Ninjas. The show used an invitation only format to keep the field of competitors small and tight during the time of COVID. A strong group of experienced veterans were invited. Rarer were the rookies. Rarer still this season is for one of those rookies to become a breakout star.

Then we all met Amir Malik.

In the Qualifiers, Amir, a baker from Vermont, was part of the only Ninja group to have all three members hit a buzzer, along with David Wright and Alex Carson. Amir placed fifth overall that night, and was the only rookie on the leaderboard.

Now, the show has given us a look at Amir’s Semi-Finals run and it appears he’s back at it again.

The Ninja floats through Spring Forward, and reaches comfortably across the gaps on Clockwork. After a slightly hairy moment on Slingshot, the rookie was on the back half of the course. Facing Corkscrew has to be an intimidating moment. It looks like Amir relaxes with each drop, allowing his limbs to twist through the air without tensing up and spending excess energy. The clip ends as he safely hits the landing pad. That means he’s faced with the ninth obstacle next.

We’ll see the conclusion of Amir’s run when American Ninja Warrior airs the second night of the Semi-Finals on Wednesday, October 21 at 9pm on NBC. Note the new day and time!