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Watch Allyssa Beird close out her season

Her run was a reminder that the course has no forgiveness for even tiny errors.

After a strong start to her season, we had to say goodbye to Allyssa Beird in the American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals.

Her run was not what any of us wanted to see. Allyssa simply made a small timing miscalculation on the third obstacle, a new contraption called Clockwork. On the obstacle, moving one bar moved all three sprockets simultaneously. That meant the Ninjas needed to carefully time their lachés. Once they let go of one bar, the next bar would begin moving to reset its position.

The early exit meant that Allyssa did not qualify for the leaderboard. It’s an unfortunate ending, especially after completing the Qualifying course a few weeks back.

However, if there’s one thing we know about Allyssa, it’s that she has perspective on things like this. The fourth-grade teacher is used to encouraging her students to stay focused, and models that behavior for them everyday. While we’re sure she’s disappointed, it’s not going to sway her from chasing her goals.