Week 1 Semi Finals

So, overall I enjoyed this week, though that corkscrew challenge was crazy! Definitely a shame that some of the greats got knocked out due to it, but we've come to realize the ninja course doesn't play favorites and can take out a vet just as easily as it can take out a rookie. At least it seemed like we got to see every ninja run...

Except we didn't. And I feel so bad for the ONE run they didnt show: JON ALEXIS JR.!!

Come on NBC! Okay, we all had a hunch that last night's semi finals were the one that had Drew in it, since there was no mention of the Power Tower (because he again obviously had the fastest time). But why the decision not to show Jon Alexis Jr? You could see him on the sidelines here and there (come on, red shirt, very tall, Afro), we all know what he looks like by now. So why not show his run at all? And he even made it through! I understand we had new sob stories that needed sharing, but Jon is a big guy, it would have been inspiring to see his run, given other big guys were shown and they didn't go as far.

Also, I'm confused: some said Jody Avila won the Power Tower face off with Drew in the first qualifier. It was explained why Pauline wasn't there, but why didnt his other part of his 'team' get to run again, like Jake's 2 team mates got to. And if Jody didn't actually win the power tower, then where were Drew's other 2 team mates? Because that's not fair to not even count their runs or acknowledge that they got to run again. And honestly, this decision of NBC to edit other athletes out made the show confusing again, because I kept thinking Daniel Gil won the power tower and was supposed to have his 2 team mates compete again (then I remembered that Jake won against Daniel).

Hey, at least we know next week will be back to normal. Let's all gear up now and remember the finals will not be what they actually were. Gosh I hope he didn't win...

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