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Watch Jesse Labreck become a season 12 Finalist

She’ll be back on the 10-obstacle course in a few weeks.

Her strength is off the charts and her determination is like something out of a legend. That’s what comes to mind when we think of Jesse Labreck.

On season 12 of American Ninja Warrior, Jesse has continued to solidify her status as one of the best Ninjas around. Full stop. In the Qualifiers, she completed the course, earning her fifth career buzzer. Back for the Semi-Finals, she wanted the buzzer. You can watch that full run above.

Jesse completed the Cincinnati City Finals course in season 11. That was a huge moment for her and the show, as she was only the third woman ever to complete that accomplishment. A second buzzer on an extended course would have been great. That wasn’t in the cards this year, but what Jesse managed to do on the course was no less impressive.

Jesse was the only woman to make it through the new obstacle, Corkscrew (season 11’s Obstacle Design Challenge winner). She then moved into another new obstacle, The Dungeon. Jesse fully admitted that she was completely tapped out as she attempted to make it through, but hit the water there. The obstacle took out seven Ninjas in total that night.

Jesse’s run put her JUST outside of the top 12. However, she was in the top position on the women’s leaderboard, meaning she’s officially a Finalist. Jesse will return to try her hand at the extended course again in just a few weeks!