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The Ring Chaser is a fan-favorite new obstacle

The obstacle brings the idea of “If/Then” to the course.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

A few days ago, we asked the readers to pick a favorite new obstacle from the start of the American Ninja Warrior season. There was one runaway winner.

Viewers are enjoying the Ring Chaser.

The new obstacle debuted on the premiere episode of season 12 in the third position on the course. Ring Chaser prompts Ninjas to traverse a set of monkey bars as fast as they can. That’s because the moment they pull down on the first bar, they release a ring, 14-inches in diameter, that rolls down a track. If the Ninja can’t reach it in time, it plops into the water. The competitor must then use a much smaller 8-inch ring to land a leaping transfer to a hook that allows them to access the landing platform.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It’s a fun idea that introduces the concept of “if/then” to the course when historically the Ninjas either made it or didn’t on straight forward obstacles. Ring Chaser appeared on the first two Qualifying courses of the season so far. On night one, it ended the runs of five Ninjas. On the second night, it cut the season short for seven competitors.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior still has a round of Qualifiers, the Semi-Finals, and the Finals left to air. That means we could see the Ring Chaser again. We’ll also see plenty more brand new, challenging obstacles!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Do you have an obstacle idea? You can submit it here!