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Michelle Warnky and Joel Buurma got married last weekend!

There were several well-dressed Ninjas in attendance.

Photo courtesy of Barclay Stockett

The past few months have been a whirlwind for Ninja Michelle Warnky and her fiancé Joel Buurma. The couple got engaged on October 6, 2019, which was their 6-month anniversary, Michelle found her dream gown on October 15, Joel tore his Achilles and had surgery at the beginning of December, and then the big day was Saturday, January 4!

The couple were married at Cornerstone Community Church in Westerville, Ohio (the church that Michelle attends!), by pastor Tony Hall. The reception was held at the historic Columbus Athenaeum in downtown.

As we’ve seen in the past, the Ninjas come out in full force to support their friends on their wedding days. Here are a few of the pics we found:

And we know it’s not a Ninja wedding if there isn’t some fun on the dance floor.

Rumor has it that Michelle sang a song she wrote and there was even a handstand competition (shout-out to the winner, Tiana Webberley, for providing the video below, and the women for coming with handstand-ready attire)!

Congrats to Michelle and Joel and here’s to a lifetime of happiness!