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Hunter Guerard is pretty much a real life video game character

His Ninja skills are super human!

David Becker/NBC

Have you seen Hunter Guerard’s latest video on social media? The music and special effects have helped us realize that Hunter (and probably most of his Ninja buddies too) has the skills of a well-played video game character.

I mean, with a nickname like “The Lizard”, we wouldn’t be sad if Hunter somehow grew a 12-inch-long blue tongue that curled and helped him traverse across obstacles, but we’re pretty satisfied with his current superhero skills. Beyond the long tongue that helped him earn his nickname, Hunter has thrown down some impressive runs during his ANW career, and they’re only getting better.

Hunter first appeared on ANW during season 9, where he made it all the way to Stage Two of the National Finals. And he proved it wasn’t just beginner’s luck by once again going all the way to Stage Two during season 10. Last year, Hunter was on fire, besting his other two seasons, hitting three buzzers, earning the speed pass on the Power Tower, and making it all the way to Stage Three of the National Finals.

Since his season 11 success, Hunter has shared a few videos that most definitely show off his flying, flipping, bouncing, video game character skills. Check this one out:

And check out the hang time in this one. Even video game characters can’t pull this off, can they?

Will The Lizard pull off his best season yet in Season 12? We think he definitely has the skills to make it happen!