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Watch Karsten Williams run Stage Two in USA vs. the World

The Big Kat made us proud!

David Becker/NBC

Karsten Williams is no stranger to performing under pressure. A seven-time American Ninja Warrior veteran and six-time Vegas Finalist, he made it all the way to Stage Three last season, so it was no surprise that he was selected to represent his country in this year’s USA vs. the World competition.

On Instagram, Karsten said “Wow, just WOW! So excited to finally share that I was selected for Team USA!!! Literally cried when I got the news. Can’t say that I never thought this could happen, because I did. When I set a goal this past season to make this team, I listened to that little voice that said I could do it. I believed in it and I trusted God to manifest it. I’m so thankful to all of my friends, family, peers, and supporters for encouraging me throughout the years and I can’t thank you enough.”

The Big Kat appeared on NBC5 Midday in Dallas ahead of USA vs. the World to talk about how he trains and the importance of mental preparation ahead of ANW. He explained that the producers always throw new challenges at Ninjas and the best thing you can do is “be ready to adapt on the fly, go with the flow, and trust in your training.”

That night we saw his mom, Linda, cheering him on from the sidelines (she’s never missed a single run!) and while Karsten didn’t complete his stage this time, he made some of these difficult obstacles look easy!

Watch his run below: