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The Ninjas are training hard as season 12 approaches

Preparing for an unknown obstacle course is no easy task!

Grant McCartney

After USA vs The World gave us a small taste of ANW on Sunday, we’re hungry for more as season 12 is getting closer. The cities and filming dates have been announced, so how long will it be until those 818 area code phone calls start coming in? We don’t know. But we do know one thing: the Ninjas aren’t waiting idly. Lounging on the couch waiting for the phone to ring is just not in their nature – they are out there training! And since we never know what the ANW course will throw our way, the variety of training is endless. Here’s a peek at how some of our favorite Ninjas are training as they prepare for season 12.

Chad Flexington has a (pretty adorable) personal trainer who’s making sure that Chad puts in the work necessary to ensure that his second season will be just as amazing as his first.

Lorin Ball shares a brilliant idea for building endurance on any kind of Ninja hold.

Flex Labreck knows that endurance is extra important when you’re trying to beat the clock in the National Finals.

Grant McCartney is already training for Stage 4!

Jamie Rahn knows that a strong mind is just as important as a strong body. Setting goals and working until you achieve them is key. He recently posted a video of himself taking on the Devil Steps using pegs, but he came up just one move short. We should have known that another video would be coming soon – a video of him completed every single move.

Ever since Cane Lane appeared in season 10, the Ninjas have been working to replicate the canes, train on the canes, and demolish any part of the course that involves the canes. Joe Moravsky is definitely not going to let any sort of cane take him down in season 12.

Keep training, Ninjas! It’s never easy to be prepared for whatever the next ANW season has in store…