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Theses Ninjas have goals for 2020

Ninja goals, fitness goals, career goals, social life goals...all sorts of goals!

David Becker

Ninjas are goal-oriented people, and what better time of year to set some goals than the beginning of a brand new year?

The Ninjas in our community have already achieved so much, but we know they’re always hungry for more. We took to Instagram to find out what the Ninjas will be working hard to accomplish in 2020.

Ryan Stratis has it all perfectly laid out into three separate categories and says that posting his goals helps with accountability.

The Salmon Ladder has long been Grant McCartney’s nemesis, but it’s going down in 2020!

Abby Clark has a long list of goals for 2020, which include Ninja, running, and learning more about the sport of dog agility with her pup, Ace.

We love that Barclay Stockett kept it real with her 2020 goals — she’s rolling them over from 2019.

Remember, achieving goals is never easy. Fear and failure are part of the process. Morgan the Moose is to remind all of us of just that:

Good luck with your 2020 goals! Get after it and enjoy the process!