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Michael Torres flew through Stage One in USA vs. the World

We knew he was fast, but wow!

David Becker/NBC

Michael Torres has never been one to hold back when it comes to cruising through the American Ninja Warrior course. After barely finishing Stage One in his rookie season (8), he got better and better and is now known as one of the fastest Ninjas! In season 11, Michael raced Ethan Swanson in the Power Tower and won the Safety Pass, which he never used (he was the only competitor to win a pass and not have to use it!).

In his first year representing his country in USA vs. the World, Michael said, “It was an honor to be chosen and like Karsten, I almost cried. This was an experience like no other competing and representing the USA of Ninja. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and wont let you guys down!”

He definitely didn’t let us down.

Michael went into Stage One with a time to beat of 2:56.26. Just how fast did he finish? Watch the video below and find out!