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75-feet turned the USA vs The World competition on its head

Team USA led in points through the night.

David Becker/NBC

This article was published prior to Drew Drechsel’s arrest. NBC and American Ninja Warrior have since cut ties with him.

Spoiler alert! Full results of the special are included below.

In the dark days of winter, American Ninja Warrior fans have come to expect the bright spot of competition that is USA vs The World. 2020 did not disappoint.

(For anyone who’s curious, this competition was taped after the season 11 National Finals. However, it didn’t air till this year. Thus, we’re calling it the “2020” competition.)

The two-hour program put Team USA, Team Europe, and Team Australia back on all four stages of the Las Vegas National Finals. Team USA had their sights set on keeping the trophy they brought home in 2019. The Australian team featured two returning Ninjas; Olivia Vivian and Bryson Klein. Team Europe was all new to this competition, although Damir Okanovic competes in the regular seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

This year’s competition was all about redemption on the course. That came both in the form of individual Ninjas facing down the course and Team Australia refusing to come in second for a second year in a row.

Team USA: Drew Drechsel, Daniel Gil, Jesse Labreck, Michael Torres, Adam Rayl, Karsten Williams

Team Europe: Kesu Ahmed, Thomas Hubener, Steffi Noppinger, Anton Fomenko, Damir Okanovic, Magnus Midtbo

Team Australia: Cam D’ Silva, Olivia Vivian, Josh O’Sullivan, Daniel Mason, Bryson Klein, Matthew Tsang


From Stage One, this seemed to be a two team competition. The European team struggled to find their stride on the obstacles, ranking low in the points throughout the night. Team USA dominated on first three stages, with Team Australia chasing them on the scoreboard. Standout runs from Jesse Labreck, Michael Torres, Olivia Vivian, Adam Rayl, Daniel Gil, Bryson Klein, and Drew Drechsel kept the adrenaline pumping all evening.

Stage Four turned things on their head. Team USA gave up their championship title after Australia’s Bryson Klein lit the final climb on fire, solidly outpacing Adam Rayl. It was a shock ending after Team USA’s untouchable performances all night long.


  • Team Australia’s Olivia Vivian fell on her first obstacle in last year’s USA vs The World competition. This time around, she hit the Stage One buzzer in style, even performing a backflip up the Warped Wall.
  • Michael Torres made Team USA proud when he hit the Stage One buzzer 30 seconds faster than in the regular competition.
  • Three years, three heartbreaking falls on Stage One. This time around, Jesse Labreck finally got her revenge on that dang cargo net.
  • Bryson Klein made Australia the team to beat when he whipped through Stage Two, topping even Daniel Gil’s time in this competition.
  • Drew Drechsel, season 11’s champion, returned to finish Stage Three once again, despite incurring a wrist injury that prevented him from taking on the final climb.
  • Team Australia and Team USA sent Bryson Klein and Adam Rayl to Stage Four. While Adam is one of the strongest American Ninja Warriors, Bryson opened an unsurmountable lead and claimed the win for the land down under.

Full recap

Point System:

  • Stage One: Three heats. First place in each heat received 2 points, second place received 1 point.
  • Stage Two: Two heats. First place in each heat received 3 points, second place took 2 points, third place took 1 point.
  • Stage Three: One heat. First place claimed five points, second place took three points, third place took 1 point.
  • Stage Four: The two highest scoring teams advanced to the Stage Four climb off. Previous points no longer mattered.



  • Archer Alley
  • Spin Your Wheels
  • Double Dipper
  • Jumping Spider
  • Tire Run
  • Warped Wall
  • Diving Boards
  • Twist and Fly

Heat one:

  • Team Australia - Olivia Vivian
    Course complete - 2:56.26
  • Team Europe - Thomas Hubener
    Out on Jumping Spider
  • Team USA - Michael Torres
    Course complete - 1:42.36

Heat winner: Michael Torres


  • Team USA - 2 points
  • Team Europe - 0 points
  • Team Australia - 1 point

Heat two:

  • Team Europe - Steffi Noppinger
    Out on Roulette Row
  • Team USA - Adam Rayl
    Course complete - 1:52.50
  • Team Australia - Josh O’Sullivan
    Out on Diving Boards

Heat winner: Adam Rayl


  • Team USA - 4 points
  • Team Europe - 0 points
  • Team Australia - 2 points

Heat three:

  • Team Europe - Kesu Ahmed
    Out on Double Dipper
  • Team Australia - Cam D’Silva
    Out on Roulette Row
  • Team USA - Jesse Labreck
    Course complete

Heat winner: Jesse Labreck


  • Team USA - 6 points
  • Team Europe - 1 point
  • Team Australia - 2 points
David Becker/NBC



  • Giant Walk the Plank
  • Extension Ladder
  • Snap Back
  • Swing Surfer
  • Grim Sweeper
  • Water Walls

Heat one:

  • Team USA - Daniel Gil
    Course complete - 2:24.47
  • Team Europe - Anton Fomenko
    Out on Extension Salmon Ladder
  • Team Australia - Daniel Mason
    Out on Snapback

Heat winner: Daniel Gil


  • Team USA - 9 points
  • Team Europe - 2 points
  • Team Australia - 4 points

Heat two:

  • Team Australia - Bryson Klein
    Course complete - 2:02.39
  • Team Europe - Damir Okanovic
    Out on Swing Surfer
  • Team USA - Karsten Williams
    Out on Grim Sweeper

Heat winner: Bryson Klein


  • Team USA - 11 points
  • Team Europe - 3 points
  • Team Australia - 7 points
David Becker/NBC



  • Grip and Tip
  • Iron Summit
  • Crazy Clocks
  • Ultimate Cliffhanger
  • Pipe Dream
  • Cane Lane
  • Flying Bar
  • No time limit

Single heat:

  • Team Europe - Magnus Midtbo
    Out on Pipe Dream
  • Team Australia - Matthew Tsang
    Out on Pipe Dream - slower than Magnus’ time
  • Team USA - Drew Drechsel
    Course complete

Heat winner: Drew Drechsel


  • Team USA - 16 points
  • Team Europe - 6 points
  • Team Australia - 8 points
David Becker/NBC


Side-by-side, 75-foot rope climb up the final tower

  • Bryson Klein for Team Australia vs Adam Rayl for Team USA

Winner: Bryson Klein

Team Australia are the 2020 USA vs The World Champions!