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The positive spirit of Ninja is alive and well in the next generation

We love the Ninja community!

David Becker/NBC

During an ANWN interview in September, Jessie Graff told us that one of the questions she gets the most is, “Everyone seems really warm and supportive on the show. Is that true?” According to Jessie, it is absolutely true. She took it a step further, saying, “It doesn’t even capture the level of love and support that we have in this community.” Jessie went on to discuss the heartwarming experiences she had as a coach on the set of American Ninja Warrior Junior this summer.

Watching kids who have grown up in the Ninja community embody what it means to be a member of this great community was truly awe-inspiring. Jessie explained what often happened after Akbar congratulated the winner at the top of the Warped Wall, “The winner would slap the other kid on the back and be like, ‘this guy was so amazing, he pushed me to my limits, and he had this incredible move’ and they were just so incredibly supportive beyond anything I’ve seen from an 11-year-old.”

When Jessie says, “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,” we know for sure that these junior Ninjas are something special…both on and off the course.

Kevin Carbone recently took to Instagram when he noticed a young Ninja display the great sportsmanship and love that the Ninja community is known for. Tate Allen took first place in a recent National Ninja League competition at Ninja Quest in Atlanta, Georgia. When his name was called during the award ceremony, he ran up to accept his medal, but then promptly ran over to put the medal around a fellow competitor’s neck – a competitor who had a faster time than him, but was called out on a technicality.

Yes, the positive spirit of Ninja is alive, well, and growing. With both the pros and the juniors leading by example, the future of Ninja is looking bright – and full of love.