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Abel Gonzalez helps kids “gain knowledge and experience in movement and mindset to awaken the warrior within.”


Abel Gonzalez recently said in an Instagram video, “Gotta have goals. Gotta have stuff written down if you wanna get stuff done.” What a great outlook. No wonder this guy gets stuff done! His accomplishments are many.

Abel Gonzalez is a seven-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior, first appearing on the show as a walk-on rookie who made it all the way to Stage Two of the National Finals. Overall, he has made it to the National Finals in Vegas four times. People who have followed Abel know that his life hasn’t always been easy and he has overcome plenty of obstacles. In his early 20s, Abel voluntarily took on the role of primary caregiver to his younger brothers, received a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, and generally (and understandably) had a negative outlook on life. Now, he is a nationally known American Ninja Warrior, gym owner, and motivational speaker—and he’s one of the most inspirational, positive, and purposeful people we know!

Abel’s Ninja gym, Axios Warrior Academy in Edinburg, Texas, is a work in progress. Four years ago, Abel walked into a steel building with no walls, no insulation, and an inch of dust. The building was previously used to store hay, but Abel liked the size and location, so he rented it and began to put in the work. Abel’s goals have turned into reality.

Check out what the gym looks like today:

Abel’s Ninja gym is now a place where kids come to “gain knowledge and experience in movement and mindset to awaken the warrior within.” If Abel teaches every student that #WeAreAllAbel, that’s a pretty wonderful thing. Abel also says, “You are a gift, who was given gifts, to give back to humanity.” If he is able to motivate his students to live with this in mind, our future will be extraordinarily bright.