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When Ninjas get together, training gets creative

Ninjas love to workout together and the result is great!

Maggie Thorne

You wouldn’t think that a sport that involves flying through the air, balancing on crazy objects, and traversing across tiny ledges with your fingertips would be such a social sport. But Ninja really is! Ninjas absolutely love all the athletic components that go into the sport of Ninja, but there’s no question that they also love the people who are on this Ninja Warrior journey with them.

We see it on the show, as the Ninjas cheer their hearts out for each other. We also see it in Ninja gyms across the country. When Ninjas train together and challenge each other, awesome things happen… and impressive and entertaining videos emerge.

We especially loved these recent videos on Instagram:

Kyle Soderman, Hunter Guerard, and Megan Johnson have synchronized Ninja down to a science.

The Bar Hopper is a hard enough obstacle that it appears in Stage Three of the National Finals. Now, Jake Murray and Olivia Vivian make it look like a piece of cake. How did they do that? We’d love to know how many attempts it took!

It’s a family affair for Travis Rosen. It’s a good thing that Ninjas love to work hard because adding 75 pounds to a Cliffhanger challenge sounds a bit torturous to us!

Tiana Webberley and Kevin Bull put a new spin on the Wing Nuts.

What Jessie Graff and Nicholas Coolridge can do looks absolutely terrifying — and incredibly fun at the same time.

We can’t think of a single thing to say about this Brett Sims video, but we think you need to see it! (sound on)

Check out this throwback video, also from Brett Sims. According to Brett, the moving blocks stunts were “very challenging and required a ton of trust and a lot of attempts, but it was also extremely fun and satisfying.”

Jessie Graff and Maggi Thorne used to do this partner ab exercise all the time when they were in college together.

As the Ninjas continue to get ready for season 12, we’re looking forward to all of the creative stunts and exercises that they’ll come up with!