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Ninjas keep life entertaining while staying strong

They definitely know how to make exercise fun!

Jessie Graff

Everyone knows that Ninjas are dedicated, determined, strong human beings. We talk about it all the time. But do you know what else Ninjas are? FUN! Maybe we are stating the obvious here. The actions and the videos of Ninja Warriors everywhere probably speak for themselves. Not many words are needed, but we wanted to put together a collection of videos that showcase Ninjas having fun. They really do know how to enjoy life – and get stronger at the same time!

Most people would simply walk through this hallway, but not Nicholas Coolridge and his friends!

We would’ve looked at this pad as a safety device or even a step stool. Jake Murray turns it into something way more fun, and shows off some major skill too!

Handrails are for hands, right? Nah…

Many adults would walk by it. Kids might climb under it. Erica Cook muscles up on it!

Ninjas always seem to know how to keep workouts fresh and fun. Once they’ve mastered an obstacle, they know just how to alter it, upping the difficulty factor and the fun factor.

As if flying from rope to rope isn’t challenging enough, Ethan adds a fun daredevil component.

What better way to celebrate the New Year than this crazy fun challenge!

Clearly, working out with friends is always more fun. Jessie Graff, Tiana Webberley, and Kevin Bull have a couple examples for us.

It looks like the next generation of Ninjas know how to have fun at the gym too!

What do you do to add fun and fitness to your everyday life? We’d love to see your fun fitness videos in the comments.