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2020 USA vs The World

Watch Karsten Williams run Stage Two in USA vs. the World

The Big Kat made us proud!

Daniel Gil made a big save early in Stage Two of USA vs. the World

Michael Torres flew through Stage One in USA vs. the World

We knew he was fast, but wow!

Watch Jesse Labreck destroy Stage One in USA vs. the World

She finally took down the cargo net to complete a stage that has given her trouble for three seasons of ANW!

Adam Rayl on the USA vs The World competition: ‘I had to give it everything I had’

He took on the daunting task of challenging Australia during the final stage.

Team Australia’s captain, Olivia Vivian, reflects on the twists of USA vs The World

Olivia led her team to victory with a smart strategy.

75-feet turned the USA vs The World competition on its head

Team USA led in points through the night.

How to Watch: Team USA vs. the World

Sunday, January 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Meet the 6 veteran Ninjas representing Team USA

You should recognize these faces!

Get to know the Ninja Warriors of Team Australia

This will be the second year that Australia competes in USA vs The World.