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2020 All-Stars Competition

The Striding Steps focused on dynamic duos

We loved these match ups!

The Ninjas went BIG during the Big Dipper Freestyle

They didn’t hold back when it came time to fly!

Watch Matt Iseman’s team of veterans dissect Stage Three

Michelle Warnky, Karsten Williams, and Ryan Stratis had this thing handled.

Watch Michael Torres and Ethan Swanson race for the Mega Spider Climb championship

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible for them to go faster... They went faster.

2020 All-Stars special: Skills Competition recap and results

As usual, the Ninjas went all out to give us a heck of a show!

2020 All-Stars special: Team Competition recap and results

Akbar, Matt, and Zuri’s teams put together a thrilling competition.

How to watch American Ninja Warrior: The 2020 All-Stars special

The show returns on August 31!

Watch Grant McCartney and Chad Flexington take on the Striding Steps (and an alligator)

Talk about a personality clash!

The four skills challenges we’ll see on the All-Stars special

The 2020 All-Star special will feature four over-the-top challenges for the Skills Competition.

Meet the Ninjas of the 2020 All-Stars Team Competition

Akbar, Matt, and Zuri have each put together stacked teams.