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We can’t get enough of these Stage Two previews!

28 Ninjas, and three Stages of the National Finals remain. Learn more about the episode that will air tonight.

David Becker/NBC

Only two episodes remain. How much more excitement, shock, heartbreak, and victory can we squeeze into American Ninja Warrior, Season 11? Tonight, the stage is set for Stage Two of the National Finals – the last stop before the National Finals Finale. Last Monday, we watched as 28 Ninjas crushed Stage One, and secured an opportunity to test their limits on Stage Two.

Since then, we’ve learned a lot about what these Ninjas will face in Stage Two…

Jessie Graff introduced us to the Grim Sweeper, a daunting, dizzying brand-new Stage 2 obstacle.

Our emotions were all over the place when we learned that the Wingnuts had disappeared. Should we be happy or sad? We just aren’t sure!

We learned the Water Walls will be back. Najee Richardson won’t have an opportunity at redemption though, and that’s a bummer… We’re sure that he already has his sights set on Season 12 though.

And then, this clip of Flip Rodriguez definitely satisfied our curiosity, showing us a generous portion of the Stage Two course. It also revealed that Flip is still feeling the effects of his fall on the Diving Boards during Stage One. Thank goodness for his Safety Pass, but that fall definitely left Flip hurting.

If all of this info isn’t enough for you, and you’re still hungry for more, keep reading! Below are some sneak peek photos of the Stage Two excitement.

Big air and big confidence will be required on Stage Two.

David Becker/NBC

The 11 foot leap on the Swing Surfer is no joke!

David Becker/NBC

With the Double Dipper behind him, the sky’s the limit for Joe Moravsky. Is the $100,000 in his future? How about the $1 million?

David Becker/NBC

Grant McCartney has been working on his mind game this year. Will his laser focus bring him to the Stage Two buzzer?

David Becker/NBC

Well….it’s not as bad as the Angry Birds, but it looks like a reverse grip obstacle has made it to Vegas. Snapback was a bit of a Ninja Killer in Oklahoma City. However, something tells us that the Ninjas noticed the reverse grip trend in the City courses, and they will be prepared.

David Becker/NBC

As always, Matt and Akbar are sure to keep things light, fun, and highly entertaining.

David Becker/NBC

And we can count on Zuri to capture the Ninjas’ course reactions, along with those little details that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

David Becker/NBC

Tune in TONIGHT, Monday, September 9, at 8/7c on NBC.