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National Finals: Stage Two finishers

This list is a lot, LOT longer than we thought it would be.

David Becker/NBC

Well, there you have it, folks, the most Stage Two clears in the history of American Ninja Warrior! An unheard of 21 Ninjas cleared the six obstacles in under three minutes. Only seven Ninjas who finished Stage One did not clear a path to Stage Three.

That’s really what we think is the story here, Stage Three. Historically, it’s almost impossible to complete. Back in season seven, two Ninjas managed to do it. Now, the odds are better than ever that we’ll have multiple finishers once again!

Somewhere in this list is season 11’s winner. First, they need to survive Stage Three...

You can read a recap of the episode here.

Here’s a list of all the Stage Two Ninjas.

Ninjas advancing to Stage Three

  1. Daniel Gil: 1:54.43
  2. Josh Salinas: 1:56.20
  3. Tyler Smith: 1:57.33
  4. Ethan Swanson: 2:05.40
  5. Joe Moravsky: 2:11.93
  6. Karsten Williams: 2:23.62
  7. Tyler Gillett: 2:23.68
  8. Drew Drechsel: 2:24.66
  9. Kevin Carbone: 2:28.44
  10. Adam Rayl: 2:29.20
  11. Hunter Guerard: 2:31.06
  12. Chris DiGangi: 2:31.64
  13. Casey Suchocki: 2:35.97
  14. Lucas Reale: 2:36.27
  15. Ryan Stratis: 2:43.69
  16. Seth Rogers: 2:44.73
  17. Michael Torres: 2:48.14
  18. R.J. Roman: 2:48.19
  19. Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi: 2:48.47 (Safety Pass)
  20. Karson Voiles: 2:50.28 (Safety Pass)
  21. Nate Burkhalter: 2:58.04